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SuperCharger Ventures for Education Institutions 

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SuperCharger Ventures' novel value proposition helps Education Institutions find Education Technology solutions to succeed in a post-COVID environment. 

We act as a startup channel for external innovation and help source solutions that enhance teaching quality, student experience, and justify the premium value of education offering.

What we Offer

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Market Intelligence 

on EdTech Trends 

SuperCharger Ventures provide updated market intelligence on EdTech trends to Universities, including Startup Demo, Case Studies and analysis of benefits. 

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Year-round Startup Scouting 

Leveraging its strategic position as an EdTech Accelerator, SuperCharger Ventures offer year-round scouting, curation and introduction of EdTech solutions aligned with partner’ objectives.

Marketing & Cultural Impact 

Discover new engagement method with External Innovation ecosystem and communicate about your engagement towards EdTech.

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Meet some of our Partners 

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