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Education Community.

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SuperCharger Ventures is building the world's first global online platform for schools & universities. The main objective is to help schools and universities communicate with one another, learn how to implement EdTech, and adopt new solutions to improve outcomes for students.


Partners We Look For

Understand the Challenge

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COVID-19 is rapidly transforming education. Most change is hard.

Forward-thinking institutions

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Agree that the future of education means more technology, not less.

Committed to build the industry


Willing to be a key player in shaping EdTech, globally

How We Help

Connect with your Peers

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Navigating effectively through innovation requires collaboration

Learn the fundamentals


We will help your organisation and staff implement EdTech

Improve student outcomes

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Providing you with EdTech solutions that directly meet your problem statements


Following success as Asia's #1 FinTech accelerator, SuperCharger is now moving into the EdTech space

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