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Everything you need to know about our programs.

What do you do at SuperCharger Ventures?

Currently, we are an EdTech Accelerator. We are also in the midst of raising a fund. If you are an LP, please email us here.

Accelerator FAQs

When is the application deadline? When will you get back to us on the status of the application?

The deadline for Cohort 6.0 applications is the 10th of December 2022. After all submissions have been received, we will have begin interviews in January 2023.

What are the dates for the next cohort?

We aim to go live with the next cohort on the March 2023.

It's not the right time for me, when is the one after?

Our following cohort is estimated to be in August 2023.

How do we choose which startups we take into our accelerator?

We choose startups that are typically between Seed and Series A and are looking at international expansion within Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.


Therefore, they've already validated market fit and are looking to expand overseas via our network or our expertise.

We will happily work with companies that are outside of this range. We've worked with companies in the Pre-Seed stage but also Series-B+ earning over $5m in revenue and over 30 employees.

We have a more detailed view of how we choose startups and whether you're the right fit here.

How do we apply for the accelerator program?

Apply online for our next cohort. We have 2 accelerator cohorts every year.

What are the terms of the accelerator?

We are investing up to $270k in capital in each of our Accelerator startups. We purchase the right to 6% equity and provide $20,000 upfront at the start of the programme. During or post-programme, startups are eligible to get up to $250,000 as a follow-on investment.

How do you operate the accelerator?

We are running cohorts remotely, therefore, office hours, workshops, demo days, and other activities all take place over video conferencing, as well as our platform on


Typically, we ask around 4 hours of a founders '/teams' time per week with 2 hours per week of workshops and another 1-2 hours that are sprints to align our team and yours. The key difference with the SCV Accelerator is that we act as an extension of your team and therefore it's important for us to align with you so we can execute and bring your future-forward.

General Application Questions

Do I need to be a full-time founder to be selected for one of your programs?

Yes, our programs are exclusively for people that are full-time founders.

I'm a solo founder, will I be penalised?

No, you won't. Our scoring criteria does look at the team's credentials, but we do not score part of this on the basis of you being a solo founder or not. That said, we know how difficult it is to run a one-person startup and it's advisable to seek a co-founder.

I've started the TypeForm, can I close it?

As long as you complete the form within 15 days and you do not clear your browser cookies and/or browsing on incognito/private, you will be able to close the TypeForm as your answers will be kept in your browser's local storage.

We have submitted an application but need to change something

Your application enters our review process once you submit, so typically we do not take into account editing. If something material to the company has changed - like a cofounder leaving - please email us at Please be as simple and concise as possible in the changes that need to be made.

Can we see if our application was submitted? How do I find it?

Every application submitted through TypeForm will have a confirmation email sent to the email you used to submit an application to. If you are unable to see the email, please check the spam folder.

If you don't see it, then please email us at

Will you sign an NDA?

No, we don't sign NDAs, however, we informal commit to keeping your information private unless there are reasons to do so. For example, you're looking to fundraise and we are contacting relevant investors to arrange meetings on your behalf.

Do you accept late applications?

We only consider late applications if there are reasonable circumstances to do so. For example, you found out about the application 24 hours before the deadline.

I wasn't accepted into a program, what's next?

There's a host of reasons why we don't accept companies into one of our programs. Many great applicants, as weirdly as it may sound, might be outside of our comfort zone to deliver value. We have a firm criterion to not only accept great companies within our cohorts, but it's equally if not more important to be able to help companies.

You can seek to apply for the next cohort as it also always us to compare your growth between the applications.

Either way, founders will be eligible to join our Slack community dedicated to EdTechs supporting EdTechs. Members will only be accepted if they are part of en EdTech whether it be Founder or an employee.


How did you come up with SuperCharger Ventures?

SuperCharger Ventures was born out of SuperCharger FinTech which was the leading FinTech Accelerator based out of Hong Kong and Malaysia between 2016-2019. Its purpose was to develop the FinTech ecosystem within South East Asia and acted as a key player in the startup ecosystem,


With the event of COVID-19, amongst other trends, it was evident that the EdTech ecosystem resembled the FinTech ecosystem in 2016. Therefore, the pivot was made to move into EdTech and help build the EdTech ecosystem both in Europe and South-East Asia.

The name SuperCharger was actually conceived during a conference where Janos, the original founder of SuperCharger Ventures, needed a battery pack to charge his phone before making a speech. He needed a battery pack to "Supercharge" his phone and so SuperCharger was born.

What is the mission of SuperCharger Ventures?

Our mission is to support founders within EdTech by being the number 1 EdTech Accelerator globally.


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