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SuperCharger applications are now closed for the Spring 2022 cycle. You can register your interest for the Winter cycle which will take place from November to May 2023.

For Pre-Seed Companies. Join our 6-month incubator to gain access to tools, our network, and our know-how forever.

Our goal is to steer your growth, close in on achieving PMF, and build a high-function EdTech over the course of the program.

Service Equity Model: 5%

Who We Look For

EdTech Startups

High Potential Startups in the EdTech Space

How we help


We work with startups on a weekly sprint basis and guide their team to execute as efficiently as possible.



Network with founders that have been through our programs to help build a better product, deck, and team for yourself to create a successful startup.



Gain access to 6 key topics which contain 100+ pieces of content and tasks that are EdTech focused and curated by the SuperCharger Ventures team.

Is the Incubator a good fit for you? You can find out here in 60 seconds.

You can also download our program information here.

Selected Past & Present Partners

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