About Us

SuperCharger Ventures is the leading ecosystem for EdTech startups, education institutions, and corporations.

Our flagship accelerator program is the fastest-growing globally, having supported over  100 startups with their international expansion through our network of investors, experts, and education institutions.

As an innovation partner for higher education institutions, we work together to source the best EdTech solutions and promote innovation within education and the future of work.

Our mission

Our mission is to support founders within the future of education and work to scale and fuel their global expansion.

To date we have supported over 85+ EdTech startups from across the globe through our flagship accelerator program, from the United States, Singapore, India, Germany, United Kingdom and more.

We have also built the leading ecosystem of investors, experts, and institutions in the industry. In addition to our accelerator program, SCV supports Higher Education Institutions  globally in sourcing the best EdTech solutions and work to  promote innovation within education and the future of work.


SuperCharger Ventures was born out of SuperCharger FinTech, the  leading FinTech Accelerator based out of Hong Kong and Malaysia between 2016-2019. Its purpose was to develop the FinTech ecosystem within South East Asia and acted as a key player in the startup ecosystem.

Heightened by the  COVID-19 pandemic and other trends, it was evident that EdTech was at a pivotal moment, similar to Fintech in 2016 and required more support from the ecosystem. Therefore, the co-founders of SCV decided to pivot and help build the EdTech ecosystem globally!