Our flagship Accelerator Program provides the right ecosystem and capital for founders to build their business faster.

Selected startups receive $50k upfront and hands-on support during the 10-week program. They also get lifetime access to the Supercharger Ventures' network and can qualify for additional investment up to $250k from our Fund.

Applications for Cohort 7.0 (Sep '23) has now closed.
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Hear From Our Founders

With their support, doors were opened for us.

Supercharger connected us with potential customers and investors effortlessly and made expanding into Europe painless. They've been an essential partner, providing us the tools, guidance, and resources to succeed. For EdTech founders eyeing Europe, I cannot recommend Supercharger Ventures enough.

Miguel Molina Cosculluela

Founder & CEO

SuperCharger Ventures has been a true partner in our growth journey.

We gained invaluable insights, honed our go-to-market strategy, got hands-on help with marketing and PR, and got a new perspective on mental health in startups. They connected us with a diverse network of mentors, investors and industry leaders, paving the way for meaningful collaborations and partnerships. Without a doubt, SuperCharger Ventures has accelerated our growth and fueled our passion for revolutionising the EdTech landscape!

Ingrid Skrede

Co-Founder & CMO

Get SuperCharged!


Receive Investment

$50k at start of programme to act as your first institutional investment.


Expert Network

Receive mentorship from the top 100 industry experts through SCV's network.


Unlock Rewards with SCV

Unlock rewards and benefits with SCV's $220k perk program and access the edtech ecosystem.


EdTech Ecosystem

Access investors, university and school partners, and over 100 SCV alumni companies with SCV's edtech ecosystem.


A Network for life

Join SCV's network for life and gain exclusive access to resources and connections.

We want you!

1. Sector:
EdTech & Future of Work

We are looking for bold founders transforming their industries.

2. Stage:
Pre-Seed & Seed

You might have raised and looking for your first institutional investors.

3. Criteria:
Team & Traction  

We are looking for bold ideas from people that can execute.

If you are the founder of a high potential Edtech startup,
you are at the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our programmes.


When is the application deadline? When will you get back to us on the status of the application?

Cohort 7.0 applications has now closed. We will have begin interviews in July 2023. The programme will then start in September 2023. Cohort 8.0 applications will begin in November 2023, however, you can pre-apply now.


What are the dates for the next cohort?

We aim to go live with the next cohort on the September 2023.


It's not the right time for me, when is the one after?

Our following cohort is estimated to take place in March 2024.


How do we choose which startups we take into our accelerator?

We choose startups that are typically between Pre-seed and seed stage, based in or have the ambition to expand within Europe and Asia.

You should have a strong founding team with expert domain knowledge, actively validating your product-market-fit and are looking to scale alongside our team and network.

We will happily work with companies that are outside of this range. We've worked with companies that are Series A and beyond earning over $5m in revenue and over 30 employees.


How do we apply for the accelerator program?

You can pre-apply for our upcoming cohort online here.


What are the terms of the accelerator?

As part of Cohort 7.0, SuperCharger Ventures will provide you with the Accelerator Programme + $50k upfront investment in exchange for 6% equity. SCV also reserves the right to offer an investment of a further $100k at a $3 million valuation cap. During or post-programme, startups are eligible to get up to $250,000 as a follow-on investment.


How do you operate the accelerator?

We are running cohorts remotely, therefore, office hours, workshops, demo days, and other activities all take place over video conferencing, as well as our platform on

Typically, we ask around 2 hours of a founders '/teams' time per week with 2 hours per week of workshops and another 1-2 hours that are sprints to align our team and yours. The key difference with the SCV Accelerator is that we act as an extension of your team and therefore it's important for us to align with you so we can execute and bring your future-forward.