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Our Sandbox allows institutions to access a global ecosystem of leading business schools, universities and organisations that are committed to reshape the future of learning and work. Network with fellow leaders and compare best practices for innovation. Discover market-validated EdTech solutions and test relevant applications.


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Join our community to connect and compare best practices on how universities, business schools and organisations around the world are approaching innovation and digitally transforming their institutions. Expand your international network with our exclusive invite-only executive sessions.


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With all EdTech solutions and case studies on a single platform, we make it convenient for institutions to acquire the best empowering insights and to test and implement solutions to supercharge their innovation. Institutions have also the possibility to initiate joint pilots and collaborations with other universities or organisations.


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Thanks to our unparalleled access to EdTech innovation globally, we select and curate solutions that respond to specific problem statements of our members and present the best-in-class for innovation in higher education and corporate learning across its verticals and functions.