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As a Learning Experience Designer, I combine my passions for justice, and community, to craft engaging and transformative digital & in-person learning experiences. My specialty lies in collaborating with Subject Matter Experts to develop immersive trainings and curriculums rooted in active and social learning pedagogies, with a keen focus on empowering individuals and communities historically marginalized by traditional educational systems.By harnessing the potential of learning science we can build a future where education embraces lifelong learning and adapts to the evolving demands of our times. To realize this vision, I advocate for teaching people effective learning strategies and nurturing diverse, inclusive learning communities that champion a myriad of perspectives, experiences, and expertise.As a multi-faceted individual with experience in facilitation, poetry, tarot, and death work, I believe in integrating these unique aspects of my life into my professional pursuits, inspiring new approaches to learning and challenging the status quo. This synergy allows me to create transformative learning experiences that embody my core values and promote equity, inclusivity, and a deeper understanding of the human experience.


Musa Roshdy
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