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Richard Grazier

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Coach, Consultant, Counsel!I’m an experienced director and business leader with more than two decades of P&L responsibility and direct revenue generation experience in public, PE-backed and family-owned companies. I am entrepreneurial with no ego, and great at working with founders and start-ups to scale or exit their business.After 28 years I remain enthusiastic and energetic about growing customer communities, through shared purpose, and creating organisational culture that drives the potential of everybody.My organisational experience is broad across early-stage start-up, to supporting founders leading their exit, and large organisations both public and private equity backed. My M&A experience spans both the UK and international markets, as both an advisor taking founders through successful exit and sourcing and acquiring great organisations with talented leadership and employees. I also have over 10 years working as the operating executive leader running both the integration and growth strategies across vertical market portfolios. I am guided by the principle that good businesses are sold not acquired!Leaders make leaders and I build my teams on several key principles:⁃ Great leaders are good listeners. ⁃ It is the little details that make the difference.⁃ It is important to identify potential leaders and create communities - alumni. ⁃ It is okay to be human. ⁃ We create a culture that drives the potential of everybody. ⁃ We create a clear vision and shared purpose.⁃ We over communicate the vision.Strengths: acquisition integration; business coaching; change management; culture change; entrepreneurship; executive leadership; investment strategies; leadership development; mergers and acquisition; operating models; turnaround management; stakeholder management; strategic leadership; strategic consulting; value creation. Skills: analytical skills; creating a clear vision and shared purpose; creating a culture that drives the potential of everybody; creative problem solver; decisive; great listener; learned leadership; storyteller and engaging presenter; strategic thinker.


Richard Grazier
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